35 years with confidence

Soma Family   started to its business acitivities  with selling power tools and hardwares in 1987. Company entered into Sealants and Construction Products market in 2000 on Hadımkoy Plant.  New plants formed in 2006 and 2009 , hence Soma Kimya has increased its capacity and has become one of the leaders in this sector.
Company has adopted a mission to focuse on customer satisfaction and high-quality products and has achieved a leadership status in this industry. Today,Soma Kimya deservedly presents Turkey in global market of building materials, created brands and new formulas,  with wide range of  more than 148 products.

Soma Kimya in global construction

Since 2000, Soma Kimya has focused on exporting construction products and has worked with over 60 countries on 7 continents. Company possesses local certificates in each country that work with. Soma Kimya has 35 years of successful experience and concentrates on supporting economy and employment locally and internationally each passing day.

We make life easier

Soma Kimya gathers quality and long years of experience, works on safe constructions in all over the world. Soma Kimya brings its dynamic team, customer-oriented principlesand modern technologies together. Soma Kimya makes buildings stronger, life easier...
While Soma Kimya protects and improves its quality in located countries, meanwhile increases volume and studies new markets. Without compromising from quality andstandarts, Soma Kimya participates national and international training and technical seminars to improve its knowledge and experience. Hence, Soma Kimya increases manpower competence significantly.

Respect environment, value mankind

Soma Kimya shows its respect to people, environment, nature and understanding of social responsibility while developing new products, doing production and quality continuity.
Highest Occupational health and safety level combined with amateur spirit and professional vision. Being openfor changes and innovations, uncompromised work ethic, Soma Kimya protects yesterday, creates today and contributes tomorrow’s construction.
Soma Kimya’s management perception is to pay attention for economic development without destroying nature and environment, gives priority to sustainable development.