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    Structure is our job, quality is our power
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    Legacy from past to build the future
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    Choice of Professionals!
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    A constructing brand from Turkey to the world

36 Years With a Confidence

Soma Family started to its business acitivities with selling power tools and hardwares in 1987. Company entered into Sealants and Construction Products market in 2000 on Hadımkoy Plant. New plants formed in 2006 and 2009 , hence Soma Kimya has increased its capacity and has become one of the leaders in this sector.

Respect for the environment, value for people


Sustainable environment

“Respect to nature” is our motto and in order to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities, we plan and implement all our activities with the concept of "SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT".

We know by experience!

Soma Kimya brings a new look and a fresh breath to Construction Chemicals industry with its amateur spirit and comprehension of professionalism.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Soma Kimya, as an innovative chemical company, is working to produce and supply products that meet market’s rigorous demands: offering innovative products with high quality is our main priority.

Soma Kimya contributes significantly to the economy and employment of country for 34 years, every year raises its respectable place in the world with Somafix, Stern,and Antia brands.


’Feel your difference in Soma Kimya...’

Soma Kimya human resources policy built on priniciple of equality and equal work opprotunities for employees. Having extensive knowledge, using technological systems and producing unique products helps to increase export capacity, hence Soma Kimya moves rapidly of being an respectable International Company.

İnsan Kaynakları

Getting better every day

Introductory Video

Soma Kimya is aware of the importance of R&D studies for manufacturers, continues to invest , makes own laboratory studies while following international developments.